KiteEye Welcomes You


KiteEYE was founded from an experience. Founders of of this company who were and are actively involved in GIS and Earth Solutions found it difficult to find a perfect solution to monitor their mobile assets in various projects involving fleets of trucks and transportation of mission critical equipments and products to and from the remote work environments. Having had a vast experience in Maps and Earth sciences, a humble precursor to KiteEYE was developed to track and manage movements of wheels and tons in iron ore mines of Tungabhadra Valley in 2005. Going further from this success, an idea to develop a full fledged user friendly tracking and fleet management solution to cater to everything that moves on wheels was envisaged in 2011. Very soon, kite-i did it’s home work by way of market surveys and incorporation of domain experts from the transport environments. Taking time, KiteEYE took to wheels in 2012 and was beta tested extensively before getting ready for world in winter 2012. KiteEYE was officially launched on Vijayadasami day in 2013.

Welcome to KiteEYE