KiteEYE Maps

maps3dKiteEye allocates maximum screen space to zoomable map on the interface. All the maps in KiteEye show both street and satellite views. Another unique feature of our map is the option given to the user to point an asset or an instance in the path to see an information popup detailing the Longitude, Latitude, Speed and Time of that asset or instance.


Real Time Status

Kite EYE’s real-time status map displays entire fleet/assets in a panoramic view, empowering the user to not just view vehicles at a glance but also assess their optimal positions based on time and space.

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Live Tracking

In Live Tracking, Kite EYE starts tracking a selected vehicle instantly, in as it happens overlay, on an interactive map to give the most accurate movement details on the moving path.

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Replay History

History Replay

KiteEYE animates past movement history of a chosen vehicle over a defined time period on an appropriately sized map. This history replay speed can be controlled with the given slider control. KiteEYE has a unique feature to display distinct idle and stop markers on the path that is being drawn.

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