KiteEYE Reports

booksKiteEYE prepares a wide variety of reports for every detail users need. KiteEYE eases the pain of splitting long lists by giving various fixed time options while generating these reports. Be it a quick over all report or a comprehensive one covering the entire fleet, KiteEYE displays them in a click. All our reports are downloadable in popular formats like doc(x), pdf and excel.



KiteEYE has specialized reports to display all the events related to your vehicle movements. These include Excess Speed Instance Records, Stoppage Instance Records and Idle Reports
Detailed reports are extensive lists of rows tailor made to the situations in fleet management. Likewise, details of distances covered, trips made, routes traversed, fuel burnt etc. are available to detail in our reports.
Event reports are an important feature of our alert system reports. These reports come handy in identifying the serious bottlenecks. No wonder these are the most sought after reports in our alert mails and messages
Special reports are situational innovations to present the often asked data in a simple form. They include various capsular reports comprising of vital statistics of the moving assets, grave incidents, periodic renewals, license expires etc.
Quick report is a quick scan of your organization and assets. This report has the most important details like current momentary status of assets and vital information summary needed for a quick action. In a way, it’s the kite’s eye view of your organization!

Daily Reports


Daily Report sums up the chosen day’s movements  of the vehicle(s) with an emphasis on start point, end point, total distance covered in a day, Max. speed, idle time and stoppage breaks

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Hourly Reports


Hourly Report s come with hour wise split  for the vehicle(s)  and are presented with  start location, end location, max speed and distance travelled in that hour

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Monthly Reports


Select a month and a vehicle to view detailed movement history of that vehicle day wise.  Monthly reports detail start time, end time, Max speed, distance travelled, idle time and stoppage breaks for every day of the month

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Distance Reports


Distance Reports for a defined time period can be had for one or more vehicle(s). Total distance(s)  travelled by the vehicle(s) are summarized in a list view

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Speed Reports


Detailed reports of user defined speed limit  exceeding are available for single vehicle to entire fleet. These reports show the time and place of the instance plus the actual speed of the vehicle at that instance

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Stops Reports

StoppagerReportsStoppage reports are generated for the duration of the stoppage entered by the user. They give the time and place of the stoppage instance along with the amount of time a vehicle has stopped

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Idle Reports

IdleReportsIdling time is the ‘Engine On’ but  ‘No Movement’ time crucial in fuel conservation and other resource optimization scenarios of asset management. As per user wishes our idle reports give the details of idling instance including the place, time and the duration of the idle time for the vehicle(s)

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Trip Reports

TripReportsTrip reports are crucial for freight carriers. Trip details of vehicle(s) in a defined time period, show relevant details including the start point, start time/date, end time/date and the distances covered in trips. Instant maps showing Trip Route and Traversed Points(via points) are also available for a visual interpretation of each trip

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Fuel Reports

FuelConsumptionReportsFuel Consumption reports are crucial for fossil fuel conservation. These reports detail fuel related information of the vehicle(s). They include Volume Changes in Fuel tanks, Max Speed instances, Harsh Braking instances and fuel averages(Kmpl)

Note: Fuel Reports are subject to installation of fuel level sensor in the vehicle(s)

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Route Reports

RouteReportsRoute Details of vehicle(s) in a defined time period are displayed route wise in this report. Route reports clearly  distinguish  ‘one way trips’ from ‘round trips’ and mention the trip distance and the time taken to cover that route. Clicking on ‘Route Name’, pops an information window detailing the ‘Points Of Interest’ in that route.  An instant Route Map can also be viewed for routes mentioned in route report

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Work Reports

WorkHourReportsCalculating times in motion and comparing them to stationary times gives a precise idea on work hours in moving asset management. KiteEYE provides Stoppage and Running times of vehicle(s) in a given time frame to assess work hours and the distances covered

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Fence Reports

WorkHourReportsGeo-Fence crossovers are recorded for the assigned vehicle(s). These crossovers are quantified and presented in a report for monitoring of the vehicle(s) in defined boundaries. Inward, Outward and both movements can be obtained in numbers in these reports

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Violation Reports

FuelConsumptionReportsAny custom violations as defined in alerts can be generated into reports. These include Panic Press, Accident, Harsh Braking, Engine On/Off, Fuel Theft and many more events that can be captured by KiteEYE

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Quick Reports

QuickReportReadyKite Eye view of all vehicles in small table enables the clients and fleet managers to react quickly to a situation. These reports are ‘made to order’ reports for fleets, incorporating only those details as requested by the  managers

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