Real Time Status

Kite EYE’s real-time status map displays entire fleet/assets in a panoramic view, empowering the user to not just view vehicles at a glance but also assess their optimal positions based on time and space.

Fig. 1.1 Real Time Status Screen Shot from KiteEYE application Click on the image to view a bigger Image



The important feature of KiteEYE’s vehicle tracking system. This is the default screen of the application


  • See All Vehicles under Fleet/Organisation in one screen
  • Color Coded display for quick understanding
  • Mouse over for positional information

Feature can be accessed from  ‘Tracking’ situated on the main menu


  • Choose a branch to see the vehicles under that branch
  • Select a vehicle and press Search to concentrate on one Vehicle(Useful in clustering resulting from more vehicles in a small Area)
  • Mouse over on a vehicle will give details like Ignition Status, Date, Speed and current Address.
Stop Idle Running NoSignal
  • Useful to know the latest location of any vehicle
  • Color codes will reveal the vital health status of the vehicles